Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fair Game.

This weekend has been great!! We've gone to 3 fairs, and though I'm all fair-ed out now, It was so much fun!

On Friday were able to hang out with my best friend from High school, Marianne, and Sam's friend from work Matt. We went to the state fair. I haven't been to this fair in years. It was fun. We saw all sorts of animals, cows, bunnies, pigs, sheep, and goats. We also saw a cute sea lion show. This is us trying to watch the show over the crowds of people. I asked Sam if we cold get a sea lion, but of course he said no. His favorite word.

We also ate some delicious, though expensive fair food. We had some foot long corn dogs and a funnel cake. This are our cute feet waiting in line for the funnel cake.We didn't play any games. We didn't want to spend any money, but we did do some fun people watching, and of course got another picture of the four of us while doing so.
After the fair, we went back to our place and, like a loser, I fell asleep while everyone else watched Sherlock Holmes. And let me tell you, the three of them were in cahoots to do something to me while asleep. It was such a fun night and so much fun to hang out with Marianne! It's been years!

Today started out with meeting our friends, Scott and Becca, at the Avenues Festival. It was pretty cool. We didn't do anything but walk around the crowds of people and see this awesome huge 130 pound dog.

We then left, got a free meal at Subway, and then headed up to Brigham city with the Cahoon's and some of their friends, for Peach Days!!
This is a very bad attempt at getting the group in the picture. We ate some delicious peach cobbler and a peach slush drink, and walked around for a while.So that was our weekend! So much fun, but we are both pooped out and are looking forward to a nice relaxing Sunday with minimal walking tomorrow!!


  1. well i love your shit in brigham city! and justin like the humungo dog. reminds me of fang

  2. What I think Mel is trying to say, is she likes my SHIRT in brigham city.

  3. Hahahahaha! Nope...I'm sure she meant to say a bad bad word. What kind of people do you hang out with Caitlin? Now I know where you get your potty mouth from! Just kidding. I know you get your potty mouth from Sammy. :)

  4. Or .. . she could get her bad mouth from Tim. I mean he really let lose that last Sunday.

    Caitlin, I love how you say Sam's favorite word is know. Total laugh out loud moment. It looks like you guys had so much fun! I never know when fairs are!!

  5. crap. Apparently I can't type either. I meant... how you say Sam's favorite word is "no"*