Monday, November 16, 2009

The First 6 Months!

Wow! Sam and I have been married for 6 whole months, already a half year! Its has flown by, and it has been a wonderful adventure!! I still cannot believe that I married him. He is such a wonderful, amazing, loving, fun, patient guy to have for eternity. He knows how to cheer me up when I'm down, or how to calm me down when I'm upset. He makes me laugh, and makes me feel funny in return. On days I feel totally ugly and gross, he tells me how beautiful I am. He shows me each and everyday how much he loves me. Here are some fun activities we have done this past 6 months.
Our adventure started out when we went on our honeymoon to St. George and played around in Zion National Park. It was so much fun to finally go on a trip with just us. We were poor, so the first night we stayed in a wonderful Honeymoon Suite, and the rest of the time we stayed in a Motel 6. Worst motel ever, but such fun memories!We love to go on walks in our backyard, which is Temple Square. Especially when it was warm, we would often end up on Temple Square and just walk around, or just sit and talk. We have had many good conversations on there. One time, we took a blanket and our computer and watched Harry Potter on the lawn there. We are so excited for the lights to come on and take advantage of living so close!!
We got Lagoon season passes this year, and went so often I was getting sick of it. We had so much fun though!!We also had a wonderful time camping with my family! It was fun to share a tent, and it was a very fun trip!!
A few times we went and fed ducks.It was fun and cheap date. Wendy's, ducks, and a dollar movie. Such fun times. Its amazing what kind of activities you can do when you have no money, but want to go on a date. Some of our most fun times were the cheap dates!

Life is good. These 6 months have been bliss, and I'm so glad i get many many years with Sam!!

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