Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Wonderful City of Cedar!

This weekend was a weekend I'll always cherish. Sounds cheesy yes, but I will. Sam and I went down to Cedar for the weekend. It was homecoming at SUU, and it was so much fun! My friends and I had planned to join up in Cedar for Homecoming for months. It came slowly as I was waiting in anticipation, and then of course it went by way to fast.

We did some super fun things. Friday night we had an old 11th Ward reunion. I loved this ward so much and I loved the bishopric. Bishop and Sister Adams came to our wedding, and it met a lot to me that they would come. The reunion was at there house and it was so much fun seeing them again as well as all the other ward members. It was so nice having Sam there as my husband. The last time I was at the Bishops home, Sam lived in Salt Lake. I loved showing him around. I loved him being there. That night, after we left the bishops, I became a true T-Bird! I wanted to do it for so long, and even though I'm not going there anymore, I still consider myself one! This is us standing near Old Sorrel after we became true T-Birds. I can now check that off my "dreams I have" list and move onto the next one.

Saturday was an early morning. I threw my best friend Mel a surprise bridal shower! It was a lot of fun. Her and my other friends did wonders for me when I was engaged, she deserved it. I wish I could do so much more for her, but alas, she lives in Vegas and I live in Salt Lake. LDR's are tough. After that, we went to the Cedar City parade. It was so much fun! After the parade, we went to the football game!! We won by a long shot! Ya ya!
This is the gang at the pre-game fest. Wendy's is always a delicious treat.
Us at the game! Go T-Birds! Woot Woot!
After the game we just hung out, then went to the Pizza Factory for dinner. It was one of the best weekends ever. I really needed this vacation, and it was wonderful to see all my friends. Cedar is such a special place for me. Its where i found myself again after Sam left on his mission. For the first time in years, I had best friends, and they will always be that to me. I love them all!

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