Tuesday, October 20, 2009


This weekend was another fun one. Friday night Sam and I finally made it back to Lagoon for Frightmares. We got season passes this year, so we went to Lagoon quite a bit, and almost got sick of it, so we didn't go for a while, but Friday we went back. We both decided we like Lagoon better when its for Frightmares. The lines are shorter, its a lot cooler, and there are fun spooks everywhere, not to mention some Haunted Houses. Of course, it being October there aren't any water rides, but guess who managed to get wet any way? We did! We were heading across the park on the Sky Ride going towards the Jet Star. There was a fountain that was squirting up water, and it was squirting really, really high. Well it went off right before we went over it and I thought to myself, "that is high enough to get us." Since it went off right before we got there though, I thought it would miss us when lo and behold, the water came right up and got our seat! It just had to happen to us.

Sam got the brunt of the water sprayed on him, as you can see by these pictures.
I didn't get too wet, thank goodness!! But my poor husband!! Where the water hit him, it looks like he wet himself.

After a Haunted House we went in, we were standing in line for the scrambler. There were two little boys in front of us, probably about 8 or 9. Sam asked them if they had been in the haunted house. The conversation went something like this.

Sam: "Have you been to the Haunted House yet?"
Boys: "no"
Sam: "Its really scary, you would pee your pants"
Boys: "No we wouldn't"
Sam: "Yes you would its scary"
Boys: "Did you pee your pants"
Sam: "no"
Boys: "Yes you did! Your pants are wet!"

Ha ha! They totally got him! It was so funny!! I guess you had to be there, but it was seriously so so funny!! I laughed about it the rest of the night. It was a great night! We had a lot of fun together. I was kind of sad when I left becasue we have had so many fun times at that place our first married Summer together, and this was most likely the last time we could make it. We made good memories with Lagoon. It will always be a special place for me now.


  1. Ha ha - that's hilarious! lol Jared has gone before and said it's so fun around this time of year! I am glad you went! Looks like you had lots of fun! :) baaa

  2. that is a funny story! oh and why can't you make it to lagoon anymore?

  3. Sounds so fun! We went last year and it was a blast! The haunted house was pretty lame though, I thought. It was so fun being there in the dark though, the whole atmosphere was fun. Oh and they had the best caramel apples and hot chocolate!!

  4. We can't go any more because we are busy the rest of October and then this season of Lagoon is over, thus ending our summer fun.