Thursday, March 12, 2015

Madalyn Marie: 18 Months

Last month, (our month from Hell) Madalyn turned a year and a half. I never got around to blogging about it because of said month from Hell. (more on that later...) But better late than never right?

  • Madalyn has one cute personality. She loves to give kisses. She will try her hardest to aim at the mouth. Its adorable. She also gives the best tightest hugs. She loves to laugh and cuddle She also has one fiery temper. She often throws herself down on the ground in anger. She has also been known to wag her finger at you and yell if you make her mad, and by make her mad I mean things like accidentally bumping her over or taking something away from her she shouldn't have.
  • She broke her arm on February 6th by climbing on my bed and falling off. Worst. Thing. Ever. But, she adjusted well and was the cutest cast-wearing baby in the world!! (And she got it off yesterday, March 11)
  • She loves to sing The Little Mermaid, and it is one of the sweetest sounds in the world. 
  • We are weaning her off the binky. We still give it to her at nap/bed time (or when she does something scary like get a cast on/off) but every time she wakes up, she says "bye bye" to it (actually, she doesn't say bye bye, she waives at it, but you get the point) and drops it in her crib. However, she will often sneak it out of her crib and come out of her room with a huge binky grin on her face. Needless to say, I now put it in the drawer when its not sleep time. 
  • Madalyn can't talk much, but she is great at communicating with me what she wants. She can sign "more" and "milk", she points at herself and then points at something she wants, she nods yes or shakes her head no when I ask her if she wants something, or she will bring me a book or something else she wants to play with and I know I need to help her with it.
  • Words she can say: "Uh-mmm" (Uh-oh) "Yaaaa!!!" (like when she gets super excited) "Baa!" (bye) "duuu" (done) "eh-eh" (woof woof) "mama" "dada" and she whispers "saaa" for soft. But if I ever try to get her to say these words, she will shake her head no. Things need to be on her own terms!!
  • Things she loves: having daddy jump her high on the bed, playing with her sisters magic clip dolls...or really anything Abby is playing with, walking around holding Abbys hand, singing, dancing, (mostly twirls and jumps) playing dress up, her care bears, being rocked to sleep, books, watching Curious George, playing outside whether its at the park or in our front yard, and bath time, until it comes time to wash her hair. 
Oh my Madalyn Marie!! I love you and your spunky, stubborn, adorable attitude. You make mommy, daddy, and sister all very happy. I love you my little human!!

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  1. madalyn is an adorable little girl! i love her spunky little attitude and sass. she is hilarious! it seems just like yesterday she was born. i want a girl so badly!! and her singing the little mermaid is the cutest thing in the world