Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Life Lately: Its been a while

Man, so much has happened the past couple of weeks to our little Tappana family! I quit my job and Sam got a second job. More on that later! The good news is I should be able to blog more. I am still busy building my Beachbody business and Abby and Maddie are all the sudden SO busy, but I enjoy blogging so I want to find more time.

So, here are little snippets of what has been happening with us the past few weeks. I would go back a few months, but this would be a very huge post. Maybe I will still do that though another day. :)
 Life lately has been two adorable girls playing in the laundry basket while I was doing laundry. Its been these cuties sitting together at a resaurant. Life has been a precious Abby fast asleep hugging her bear tight, and its been Madalyn chilling all cute like. 
 Life lately has been my adorable cuties zoned out to Curious George maybe? And Maddie is naked because she soaked through her jammies and I was going to get her in a bath. Life lately has been bringing in the new year with some sparkling cider. It has been a party picture of us, and its been a cute open-mouthed Madalyn getting cuddled back to sleep early in the morning after the New Year festivities. 
 Life lately has been Abby's first time in Primary! My little one is a Sunbeam. When did that happen? She is having a terrible time adjusting, and I think a lot of it is because I am in there. Anyone elses sunbeams struggle? Life has also been a cute Madalyn loving her new (to us) carseat. And life has been a couple of selfies with my cute girls. 
 Life has been saying goodbye to Sams beard, as he had to shave for his new job. I miss it terribly! Life has also been a sad Madalyn wanting more than anything for me to pick her up instead of fix lunch. Life has also been two sick girls, but both were extra cuddly and easy to get to take naps.
Lastly, life has been playing dressup and having daddy jump them. Madalyn is all the sudden huge into dressing up and when she sees her big sister in a dress, she is sure to bring me one to put her in too. Life has also been a trouble maker Madalyn spilling the fruit loops everywhere. And, no, she is not asleep. Life has been an angry Madalyn who wanted nothing to do with the morning. Neither do I kid. Neither do it.

I am excited for this new chapter in our life. I miss Sam, and its going to be hard somenights, but we had to do what is best for our little girls, and they needed me at home. They come first, and the perks of me being able to quit was just a win on my part!


  1. your girls are so cute! i miss them and you so much! madi is just so big and adorable- landon didnt really have trouble with sunbeams. im sorry! hopefully shell get better in time

  2. Finally a post! I know you've been busy, but I've been missing catching up with everything terribly! I've missed all your faces terribly. Lot's of changes and I'm looking forward to hearing about them. And staying home is so nice. Congrats!